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The Satchel and the Pink Wig


Release Genre Format 2022 Drama Short Film

The Satchel and the Pink Wig discusses issues from mental health awareness to the changing nature of America, underage sex work and the traumas that come from it, and our numbness to shootings and death. Along the way, it also deals with coming of age in a world that you feel you don’t belong to, not only as a teenager but also as an adult.

Director: Savannah Braswell


Investment Rationale: The investment rationale for "The Satchel and the Pink Wig" is compelling due to its emotionally charged narrative and the potential to resonate deeply with audiences. This film explores complex human relationships and personal growth, touching on themes of identity and self-discovery. With a talented cast and dedicated creative team committed to character development, the project is well-positioned for critical acclaim.


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