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We lead an investment syndicate, which is an investment vehicle that allows investors (backers, usually accredited) to co-invest with relevant and reputable investors (leaders) in the best startups in the market.


The SEC defines what it means to be an accredited investor. In general, accredited investors meet one or more of these requirements:

• Make $200,000 in annual income as an individual
• Make $300,000 in annual income with a spouse
• Have at least $1 million in personal assets (not including your permanent home)
• There are other ways you can qualify (see your CPA or legal for more info)

What are your investment criteria?

  • We invest in Seed, Bridge or Series A companies with proven monthly recurring income.

  • We invest in investment rounds where there is a lead institutional investor who negotiates and sets terms.

  • Our focus is companies that are led by women, people of color, or members of the LGBTQ+ community.

  • We consider the business, uncertainties, team, strategy, investment and cash flow requirements, deal structure, and anticipated exit such as IPO or sale.

How many deals per year do you plan to present?

It depends on deal flow and investor demand, including from lead investors. We expect to present 4-10 deals per year.

What is the minimum investment amount for investors?

It will vary, but the minimum investment will likely be $5,000, and in certain events, $10,000.

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