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The Will and Clark Show


Release Genre Format 2023 Drama, Romance Short Film

Will Darby and Clark Stephenson are gearing up to become the first gay couple to headline their highly anticipated mainstream talk show. But first, they must appear on LIVE! with Vanessa Mills to debunk a certain rumor that is derailing their momentum. That is until a sudden text message changes everything for them.

Director: Chase Gutzmore


Investment Rationale: The investment rationale for "The Will and Clark Show" is rooted in its director, Chase Gutzmore's, visionary approach to creating a contemporary exploration of an LGBTQ+ couple. This film not only delves into LGBTQ+ themes but also delves deep into the universal themes of honesty and loyalty. Gutzmore's commitment to character development ensures that the audience will connect with every character on a profound level, experiencing their motives and intentions firsthand.


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