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Jasco Philanthropies' mission is to educate, empower, and promote Black and Brown people, including members of the LGBTQ+ community. We seek to improve the life outcomes and eradicate the opportunity gaps our communities face, from under-preparedness when entering kindergarten, to academic gaps that persist through high school, to employment gaps, income gaps, and wealth gaps.

How are we making an impact?

Jasco Philanthropies offers a Spring Internship Program, Summer Internship Program, Film and Entertainment Fellowship, and Startup Fellowship

In addition to our own programs we also support other philanthropic organizations:

- Jumpstart
- Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow
- Native Son
- National Student Legal Defense Network
- University of Chicago Law School Earl B. Dickerson Scholarship Fund

"My internship at Jasco Philanthropies was a valuable and enjoyable experience. Despite initial nervousness, I quickly felt comfortable thanks to the supportive team and straightforward communication on Basecamp. James's thorough teaching and personal sharing were highlights, demonstrating his authenticity and passion.

The responsiveness of the team when I needed help or clarification enhanced my learning. Overall, the internship expanded my knowledge in finance-related areas and boosted my confidence in investing. I formed meaningful connections with fellow interns during collaborative projects."

Marvin D

"My internship at Jasco Group was a transformative experience that enriched my understanding of investing and hedge funds. With guidance from mentors and James Cole Jr., I gained practical skills and insights for my future finance career.  The internship exposed me to real-world financial scenarios, honing my risk management skills. It also taught me the importance of effective communication, adaptability, creativity, and problem-solving in both solo and team settings.  I'm grateful to the Jasco team for this immersive opportunity that will shape the future of finance."

Sean S

"My Jasco Group internship was a fun and enlightening experience.  Despite being an Exercise Science Pre-PT major, I found the knowledge gained to be valuable for my future.  I was particularly excited to learn about stocks in the first two weeks, discovering what to consider when investing and identifying promising companies. Filmmaking also piqued my interest, shedding light on the movie production process, from budgeting to team assembly.  It was an eye-opening experience that will benefit both me and my family in the long run."

Jordan P

"My time at Jasco Group was enlightening and exceeded my expectations. It was an incredible opportunity as I start my personal finance journey.  Every week brought something new and fascinating.  I highly recommend this program to those looking to improve their understanding of personal finance or considering starting their own business."

Max R

"My internship at The Jasco Group was transformative and a profound learning experience. I'm deeply grateful to James, the founder, for his humility, respect, and honesty. His weekly meetings and masterclasses covered a wide range of industry insights, from investing to venture capital. His one-on-one meetings were invaluable for personal development. The supportive culture and guidance from my managers, Jeb and Morgan, were instrumental in my growth, both professionally and personally.

This internship is more than just a learning opportunity; it's a chance to build meaningful relationships and receive mentorship. I highly recommend The Jasco Group's internship program to kickstart your career. Thank you to James, Jeb, Morgan, and my fellow interns for this unforgettable experience."

Nafis N

"The real world experience that The Jasco Group offers, and the level of engagement they maintain with their interns is instrumental to our growth and will inevitabily assist me in my future prospects."

Arfa Z

"As a Latina women I feel excited to intern for The Jasco Group because they invest in startups that provide social impact and are led by women, people of color, and members of the LGTBQ+ community."

Emily B

"The Jasco Group is one of the first companies I've worked for that completely lives up to their commitment to diversity. Everyone here is a pioneer in their own right and together we are working towards a brighter more equitable future."

Joseph T

Jasco Philanthropies Spring and Summer Internship Programs:

Each Spring and Summer we select a small group of qualified students for our Jasco Philanthropies Internship Programs. We encourage people of color, and members of the LGBTQ+ community to apply. It is our goal to address the disparities that these communities continue to experience.

We educate and train Black and Brown students and young adults on how to create and run an investment management company. We train them in the areas of public securities trading, venture capital, film finance and production, and philanthropy.


The Spring Internship will consist of an eight-week 15hr/week program running from March 4, 2024 through April 26, 2024. Interns will receive $1,000 for completing the Spring Internship which will be paid in bi-weekly increments of $250. With respect to interns who are based outside of the United States, the amount of pay will reflect the compensation scale in that country as well as currency exchange risk.

The Summer Internship will consist of a six-week 20hr/week program running from mid-July through mid- August. Interns will receive $1,000 for completing the Summer Internship which will be paid in bi-weekly increments of $334. With respect to interns who are based outside of the United States, the amount of pay will reflect the compensation scale in that country as well as currency exchange risk.


During the programs interns will work alongside other interns and learn how to run their own investment management firm, write stock reports, produce industry analysis, review venture capital & film investment agreements, and perform a variety of administrative duties. They will also have one-on-one meetings with James Cole Jr., the founder of Jasco Philanthropies and The Jasco Group, and other Jasco Philanthropies staff to receive assignments and help answer any questions you have.

We are now accepting applications for our Summer Internship, and if you are interested please click HERE.  The final date to apply is May 17, 2024.

What Our Interns Had To Say

Film & Entertainment Fellowship:

Our Film & Entertainment Fellowship includes a monetary grant to assist the recipient in producing a short or feature film related to an underrepresented community. It includes training for recipients on how to raise funding for larger projects, how to assemble a production team, and how to market the project.

Startup Founder Fellowship:

Our Startup Founder Fellowship includes a monetary grant to assist the recipient with the expenses for launching and running their business. The fellowship includes training for the recipient on how to raise startup capital and what investors look for.


If you would like to support Jasco

Philanthropies by donating to our programs you can click the link HERE.

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