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Paper Line


Release Genre Format 2022 Action Short Film

Seven pledges get the shock of a lifetime when they unknowingly sign up to join a secret fraternity of black martial artists at an HBCU in Florida. Most of the pledges go in expecting a severe form of physical and mental hazing that is in line with the stereotypical black, Greek hazing. Unbeknownst to the pledges, they are attempting to join a fraternity of African American martial artist who live by a strict code of silence and discipline

Director: Ryan Watson


Investment Rationale: Investing in Paper Line presents a promising opportunity within the action genre, offering a unique and culturally rich narrative set on an HBCU campus. This film showcases the fusion of martial arts and the values of Alpha Omega Sigma Fraternity, delivering a fresh perspective on fraternity life. The 15-minute short serves as a cost-effective proof of concept for the full-length feature, mitigating financial risks while showcasing the project's potential. The full-length film's exploration of initiation processes and character development adds depth to the storytelling, creating opportunities for audience engagement and cultural resonance.


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