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US, 2021

Investment Year


Industry Space

Investment Phase

Series B

Voyager Space is a space infrastructure and technology company.

500+ clients across 35+ nations trust Voyager Space as their go-to space solutions provider. They are harnessing space's potential for solutions that tackle Earth's challenges. Their investments span space-based agriculture, nurturing future innovators, and advancing orbital debris solutions.

Dylan Taylor and Matthew Kuta


“We are bettering humanity’s future by accelerating the development of a sustainable space economy."


Investment Rationale: Voyager Space competes in the rapidly growing space industry. Established in 2019 with extensive spaceflight experience, they've gained trust from 500+ clients across 35+ nations.

Their strategic investments in areas like space-based agriculture and orbital debris solutions, coupled with expertise in autonomous space stations and advanced communications, position Voyager Space for success in the evolving space market.

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