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US, 2023

Investment Year


Industry Venture Fund

Investment Phase

Pre Seed, Seed, Series A

Vested World is an early-stage investment fund manager with a mission to foster growth and development in underserved markets globally. Their goal is to create jobs, provide fair wages, and drive economic progress, primarily in Ghana, Kenya, and Nigeria, with additional focus on Ethiopia, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda. They invest in agribusinesses, consumer products, and technology-enabled companies to deliver competitive returns to investors while making a positive impact on local economies and livelihoods.

Euler Bropleh

Founder & Managing Director

“VestedWorld's core mission is to stimulate progress and advancement in the world's most marginalized markets. We are firm believers that tapping into the economic opportunities within these regions will have a positive ripple effect, enhancing global security and promoting greater equity for all."


Investment Rationale: Investing in VestedWorld aligns with our deep commitment to investing in Africa, particularly in Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda. VestedWorld’s focus on agribusinesses, consumer products, and technology-enabled companies is strategically aligned with the growth potential in these regions.

By supporting entrepreneurs and businesses in Africa, VestedWorld not only offers competitive financial returns but also actively contributes to job creation, fair wages, and overall economic progress.

Investing in VestedWorld isn't just about financial returns, it's a powerful means to drive sustainable change in Africa and promote a more prosperous and secure future for the continent and the world.


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