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US, 2022

Investment Year


Industry SaaS Technology and Software

Investment Phase

Series B

Resilia is a mission-driven SaaS startup with offices in New Orleans and New York City, dedicated to transforming the philanthropy sector. Their platform supports new nonprofits in obtaining tax-exempt status, enhances the growth potential of established nonprofits, and empowers funders like foundations, corporations, and governments to expand the impact of nonprofits. They provide on-demand coaching, online training, fundraising tools, and technology resources. Resilia's focus is on assisting grassroots organizations serving historically underserved communities. In 2022, they launched the Elevate initiative, a national network of 50+ funders aimed at strengthening BIPOC-led grassroots nonprofits.

Sevetri Wilson


“Powering the People Changing the World"


Investment Rationale: Nonprofits are chronically under-resourced and difficult to start and scale. Resilia’s SaaS solutions help nonprofits at all stages build capacity and enable funders to scale impact. We believe they are well positioned to succeed in their $5.3B total addressable market. Moreover, Resilia's mission-driven approach to transforming the philanthropy sector resonates with our commitment to creating positive social impac


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