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US, 2021

Investment Year


Industry Venture Fund

Investment Phase


Gaingels Spark Fund II is an early stage venture capital fund that champions LGBTQIA+/Allies causes and stands out as one of the most prominent and engaged private investors committed to advancing diversity and inclusion in the venture capital landscape. While they rank among the world's most engaged LGBTQIA+/Allies venture investors, our group comprises a remarkably diverse array of investors and financiers from various backgrounds. Their primary objective is to actively foster diversity and inclusion within their portfolio companies, both through direct involvement and their extensive network of support.

David Beatty


Paul Grossinger


“Influencing Social Change through Venture Investing"


Investment Rationale: Gaingels distinguishes itself by championing LGBTQIA+/Allies causes and actively promoting diversity and inclusion within the venture capital landscape. Beyond financial considerations, our decision to invest in Gaingels is rooted in the alignment of values, a commitment to positive social impact, and the assurance of a diverse investor base. Gaingels' hands-on approach in fostering diversity within its portfolio companies, coupled with its extensive network of supporters, offers an opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to a more inclusive and equitable future.


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