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Shona Capital

Uganda, 2023

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Investment Year


Industry SME Micro Financing

Investment Phase

Unsecured Loan

Shona Capital provides East Africa’s SMEs with flexible financing to help them grow and achieve their full potential. Shona’s financing is combined with hands-on business management support from their team and preselected industry experts, experienced entrepreneurs, and relevant subject matter experts.

Ivan Mandela

Co-Founder and CEO

We are on a mission to enhance local economies in developing countries by providing small businesses with working capital to help them scale and create jobs."


Investment Rationale: A key driver of our investment decision is Shona Capital’s mission to enhance East Africa's economy by helping finance small to medium businesses that can create jobs within the area. We believe Shona Capital plays a key role in helping to grow East African economies. Shona Capital’s goals include: increasing household incomes, reducing gender disparity, and helping female-led businesses flourish.


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